Terms and conditions are the rules and regulations that are must to be followed before you access any of the services that we offer.Creates a legal binding between the website authorities and customers.

 It is important to understand, accept these policies before you access our webpage or use our service.

Our service

Quality and timely support that we offer to our customers always becomes the benchmark and include the assistance for device setup and troubleshooting.

Rules and regulations

Using the data available on our website for personal use is not advisable. Rules and regulations developed by the judicial authorities always help to penalize the users who involve in such activities.

On the positive side, it is the copyright rules and regulations that help to prevent the unauthorized copying or misuse of the data

Cancellation of service

Customers are free to cancel any services and we follow chargeback policies available to return the money back.

Privacy policies

These policies are always becomes an important part of terms and conditions

Privacy policies denote the data collection methods that we follow and these policies will always help you to safeguard and secure the customer data.

Liability and user responsibility

It is also the responsibility of the users to safeguard the data or information and to follow the regulations

For any threats that arise due to the third-party authorities, our website authorities will not be responsible or liable and the changes that we make to these policies will be mentioned on our webpage.

Suggest you to read the information available on our webpage if you would like to get more updates or to know more about these regulations