Privacy policies always indicate the methods that we follow to secure safeguard or transfer the data or information that we collect from our customers. Accept and understand these policies if you prefer using our service

Data Collection

We collect the required data either via phone calls, messages or emails.

All the information that we collect from the customers and maintained secure and confidential. The information that we collect will help for activating the services that you require and for cancellation of the services

Types of data collected

The data or information that we collect include personal information such as name, email ID, location information and a lot more

Payment and credit card information that we collect will help while making any transactions

The device features and specifications, reason and cause for the device errors will be available on the device and error reports. In addition to this data; we also collect the location information, Internet protocol address if required

Judicial regulations

Rules and regulations are must to be followed to prevent the misuse or threat that arise due to data sharing or using the information for personal use

To prevent the misuse or copying of data or information on our website it is always important to follow the copyrights rules and regulations


We never share the data or information that we collect to the judicial authorities without a proper requirement. Sharing or transfer of data to the judicial authorities will be with the prior consent of the customers

Accept privacy policies and understand them. Follow the regulations to safeguard and secure the data or information that you have

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