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A Complete Guide on HP Printer Setup - 123.hp.com/setup

Printers have gained huge popularity among worldwide users. With more participants for the professional works, the sustained demand for the quality printers is also accruing. To cope with the demands, various printer brands are emerging out and in that lineup, HP printers have acquired the biggest spot. Whether it is industrial office works or your daily home works, HP offers different kinds of printer choices. As much as effective features are important for the printers, HP printer setup is playing a vital role among the users is resolving miscellaneous issues amid their works.

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As all the printers have got a huge upgrade from the conventional trends, it is a very common thing to face difficulties in the printer setup process. Absolutely, you don’t need to walk back while facing any issues in your printer.

Most of the errors are solvable one with some easy measures. But, from the user perspective, it is somewhat hard task to instantly catch the solution for the error.

This is where our HP printer setup team assists you with valuable instructions to get rid of all those printer errors. Our support deals with all kind of printer errors such as setup failure, printer not detecting, network errors, wireless connection issues etc. Just reach out to our HP printer setup team to instantly point out your error and get the solution.

HP Overview

HP’s distinctive thing is enabling various upgraded features at an affordable price that can be reachable by all type of audiences. And the brand is not relying upon a single device model or any stigma to strive in the competitive printer market. By considering the user experience as the sole objective, HP is incorporating the latest technologies for every upgrade of their printer models. Ranging from consumer printing to commercial printing, HP is assimilating several features in the right combination to bring out the effective printer choice.

Categories of Printer Models Available Under HP

Following are the various printer models available under the HP brand. Each variety is a significant one for particular usage with notable features.

For home usages,

  • Tango
  • Sprocket
  • Envy
  • DeskJet

For professional works,

  • OfficeJet
  • OfficeJet Pro
  • DesignJet printers
  • LaserJet


  • Based on the usage, specifications such as printer size, features, price, printing speed etc. are varying one.
  • For the entire above-said printer models, our HP printer setup team is offering assistance.

HP Wireless Printer Setup and Installation - 123.hp.com/setup

Most of the HP users are stumbling in this step, that is, printer setup. After unboxing the package itself, a lot of users are facing difficulties in making the initial connections for the printer to work. Browse through the below easy steps to carry out your printer setup process smoothly.

  • Unboxing the package, you will get the printer accessories such as USB cable, Power cord, Ink cartridges, trays and finally the printer
  • In the first place, remove the wrappings around the printer and inside the printer parts also, especially inside the paper input tray and ink cartridge slots
  • Connect the power cord small end to the printer power port and adapter to the power outlet
  • Now turn on your printer by pressing the power button, which is mostly in the top visible part of all the printer models
  • You will receive all the subsequent instructions in the control panel for the initial setup process
  • If you are feeling complex in following those scrolling steps in the control panel, just reach out the HP printer setup team to instantly fix all your connections

HP Printer Driver Installation

This step is an integral part of the whole printer setup process. For every printer model, you should install the respective printer driver software in your computer to make the personalized connection between the PC and printer. In your printer package itself, you will receive the driver installation CD. Or, just reach out the HP official website, enter your printer name to download the driver software.

Insert the CD

If you are installing using the CD package, just insert the CD to your computer DVD port and follow the on-screen instructions to instantly install

Driver Downloads

In your computer browser, navigate to HP official site and download the compatible driver by entering the printer home menu.

Print Results


The HP printer driver setup is not at all an arduous task. On-screen guidelines are enough to carry out the installation process. In the first place, you have to enter the HP easy start guide to detect your printer model by the computer. After locating the printer model, the driver will be automatically downloaded after accepting the terms and conditions. In this process, the most important thing is the stable internet network. Otherwise, you may get an interruption in the download process, which may lead to failure in the installation/setup

How to Connect HP Printer to Wireless Network

Gone are the days, where you need to confuse between the ports for connecting various wired connections to take a single print. After the huge transformation of the internet itself, the printer functions are connected to the internet network. Initially, you will have to connect the printer and your computer to the same internet network.

  • To begin with, turn on your router for the internet network
  • Ensure you know the correct internet network name to select
  • Many users are facing error by selecting the wrong network name. Thereby, it is better to alter the network name by your own
  • First, connect your PC by selecting the network in the computer’s Wi-Fi connection
  • Next, in the printer control panel, move on to the setup option, then network connectivity and select wireless
  • The printer will scan for the available internet network nearby the printer and the list will appear
  • Select your network name, enter the Wi-Fi credentials and click on connect button
  • After the connection, the necessary updates will start downloading for the drivers and printer software
  • Or follow the simple steps provided by HP printer setup to carry out the wireless connection mode in a hassle-free way.

HP Printer Setup Mac

  • Firstly, go to your Mac and open a web browser window
  • Open, 123.hp.com/setup
  • A page displaying the Install printer software comes up, click on the download option
  • Once the download is done, you should open the file and when the security prompt pops up, click open
  • Accept the terms and conditions and continue
  • Ensure that your printer’s power and the network connectivity is on
  • Your mac should be connected to the wireless network that you are using for your printer
  • Click on the tile continue in the pop-up, “Prepare for printer set-up”
  • Subsequently, in the ensuing pop-up choose your printer from the list of printers and tap continue
  • If you don’t find the name of your printer the reason is your printer is unsupported by the printer software
  • Then reach out to the HP support site and download the latest drivers for your printer
  • Consequently, select your printer and tap continue and confirm your wireless network name
  • Subsequently, click allow in the next pop up
  • Now the printer connects, click on continue and after some screen prompts you would reach install screen
  • Choose your options and click on the button, “Install”
  • When required enter the administrator credentials
  • The printer software is installed and downloaded
  • Subsequently, click on continue
  • Follow the remaining screen prompts and adhere per the instructions to start printing with your HP printer

HP Printer Setup Windows 10

  • First of all, open the web-link 123.hp.com in your windows computer
  • Consequently a screen message, ‘Install printer software’ would appear
  • Make sure the printer is properly set and click on Download button
  • The installation file is saved and an icon will be displayed when the installation is done
  • Subsequently, click open the saved installation file for extraction and this launches the software
  • Click continue in the pop up asking, ‘Ready to set up printer?’
  • Select the checkbox to agree to the Installation agreements and settings. Click continue
  • Finish the software installation by following the on-screen instructions
  • If your printer is not found, tap on the option My printer is not Shown and click continue
  • Next, select Wireless network, and then tap the continue button
  • After that, click on the printer and click continue
  • Subsequently, follow the remaining prompts and finish your wireless set-up
  • Now connect the USB cable to your computer and printer
  • After clicking continue, HP Easy start will save your settings and now un-plug the USB cable and click continue
  • Download the printer software
  • Follow the remaining prompts and complete your HP Wireless printer in Windows setup

How To Fix HP Printer Problems

We have collected some most common issues, which are widely faced by most of the printer users.

HP Printer Offline Error

In this case, even after the printer is turned on, the printer name will not be shown on the computer to make the wireless connection. This could be a big hassle for the user because without detecting the printer name, further printing options cannot be processed. In order to solve the issue ASAP, reach out HP printer setup team.

HP Printer Wireless & Network Issues

If any trouble is there in reaching out the stable internet network, then the printer will end up in the failure of wireless connection mode. Always ensure, your router has sufficient internet signal strength to carry out the process seamlessly.

Other than these, following are the most common errors, printing & scanning issues, Paper jamming, Carriage jam, Print job stuck in Queue, Ink draining, Black ink not printing, Fax issues, Printer not printing after windows update, Instant ink feature trouble, No power, Computer locks or freeze, Control panel not working, Battery and adapter issue, Printer not connecting to computer, defected power cord etc.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps 

A lot of new users intend to start the printer setup process by doing some mistakes on ink cartridge & paper installation.

  • In the first place, remove all the coverings and wrappings around the ink cartridges
  • Subsequently, match the colors of the slot to all the ink cartridges
  • Subsequently, match the colors of the slot to all the ink cartridges
  • In the meantime, do the previous step for all the cartridges. You will get the notification on control panel after filling out the slots
  • For paper installation, slide the paper input tray and then adjust the paper width guides to insert
  • Then take a stack of paper without any fold and gently insert to the carriage

Services We Offer

The main printer setup process, errors, and issues, troubleshooting steps are above. Please make sure, that you have done the initial and basic printer setup process without any error. It is also complex for the user to rectify the errors by reading out the instructions and carrying out the troubleshooting steps on their own. To bridge this gap between the users and device support, HP printer setup has been made with the only objective of providing easy assistance to the users.


Quality and timely support that we offer to our customers always becomes the benchmark and include the assistance to setup your device, troubleshoot the device errors and a lot more. Accept and understand these policies to proceed further with using the service that we offer